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17 January 2022 - 27 February 2022
STeP-IN - Sustainable Textile Cooperation for INnovation

SteP-IN foreseen a mentoring and coaching programme that focus on some relevant and strategic aspects to allow the access, the consolidation in foreign markets, the beginning and the development of business cooperation until the signature of contracts.

Mentoring activity

SteP-IN scheduled three collective mentoring activities open to all SMEs participants that will be organized in webinar mode through STeP-IN platform.

Webinars will provide the tools and knowledge to review their business and market approach, pointing out the key factors to increase their competitiveness and acquire added value. 

1) Webinar - 29th  November 2021

From 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

The export marketing plan


  • How to build an export marketing plan in the textile sector 
  • How to select the Countries and commercial channels 
  • The main marketplace platforms 
  • Digital tools to promote the SME on the international selected markets (Countries) 
  • How to find clients in Italy and EU 
  • Concrete examples of clients and platforms 
  • How to manage new contacts
  • Best practices

2) Webinar - 30th November 2021

    From 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

    The role of marketing and conditions for the success of the company on the national and international market


    • The role of marketing in the SME and the brand strategy 
    • Conditions for the success of a SME on the national and international market 
    • The habits and priorities of customers 
    • The strategic decisions of each SME on the journey to new markets 
    • Communication with customers 
    • The strategy of diversification and the identity and brand of the SME 

    3) Webinar - 1st December 2021

    From 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

    Sustainability and labelling as competitiveness issue for the textile sector


    • Sustainable Design, Business model, Fashion Industry: the Complex Challenges of Sustainability in the Fashion Sector
    • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) - From LCA to Cradle to Cradle Design
    • The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): a company an account of responsibility to its stakeholders
    • Use of business model for sustainable fashion production - Fashion Design:
      biomimicry and cradle to cradle + Six forms of sustainable fashion.
    • BEST PRACTICE: OVS one of the most relevant and innovative best Practices in the world in global fashion’s “REPORT 2020 CIRCULAR FASHION SYSTEM COMMITMENT”

    Coaching activity

    One-to-one coaching (on-demand) will be tailored for single EU or EaP SME; Italian experts will meet the SMEs in online mode (1 hour each) on:

    1. Analysis of products, prices; 
    2. Analysis of commercial offer;
    3. Definition of distributive channels (traditional/digital channels, e-commerce)
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      Italy 25
      Ukraine 52
      United Kingdom 1
      Total 78